For some, this question may seem absurd; for others, it is equally absurd the other direction. It seems that private island living is a polarizing topic, with some feeling it is the pinnacle of dreams and others furrowing their brow, actually wondering why someone would want an island. We’d like to tell you that the motivation for buying an island, in the Whitefish area or anywhere, has a perfectly simple reason, but that isn’t the case.

Perks to Island Ownership

dreamstime_xxl_9489957You own it

This may seem obvious, but one of the largest perks to island ownership is that you own your own piece of land. Not one with an imaginary border, or something that buts up to a stream that defines your property line, and certainly not one with neighbors. No, when you own an island you own the entire perimeter. It’s like having your own small country. It’s the freedom of knowing that you laid your claim to a piece of land that is defensibly, irrefutably yours. No other luxury real estate can match that.

All islands are adventurous

Anyone that read Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Treasure Island, or any of the other numerous island-intrigue books understands the adventure that islands evoke. Even the smallest and least secluded islands somehow promote an adventurous feeling that standing on dry land doesn’t come close to. When you’re on your own island, it feels like anything is possible. The scenery and memories seem to blend together to quickly create a unique history for your island. Whether you intend it or not, your island ends up telling your story.

Islands are a limited resource

A hundred years from now, a subdivision could buy up your or island-alternative luxury real estate and carve it into many more lots to be sold for a far higher price, but an island is only ever one island. Furthermore, even a hundred years from now, there will only be less islands to choose from, not more. Island prices don’t really go down, because the number of islands never goes down. Let’s imagine you buy Hopscotch Island; you now own the only Hopscotch Island, and when/if you decided to part ways with your island, there will be no other Hopscotch Island for buyers to consider, only yours.


There’s a magic to it

Something unexplainable happens when someone finds the island for them; when their feet are first firmly planted on the island, a certain magic just happens. It’s a chemistry that transcends any other luxury homes for sale, and it’s an incredible thing to even witness. Best of all, island owners routinely report that the magic persists, and spreads as guests come to love it as well. Most private islands are seen as luxury real estate for their views, seclusion, or limited nature, but the true luxury lies in the unexplainable impact it has on people.

Whitefish’s Luxury Real Estate Experts

Montana Land Office knows a thing or two about luxury real estate, and islands are no exception. For those of you that have been bitten by the island bug, nothing matches the unique island ownership possible in the Whitefish area, easily one of the most beautiful places in the country. Get in touch with us today to find your ideal luxury real estate, or be sure to check our listings here.