1. Living Luxury in Montana

    There are numerous high-profile areas in which a luxury home can reside, but Montana is not one of them. While we have plenty of incredible, breath-taking luxury homes to choose from, they are anything but high-profile. Simple, Beautiful Living When you decide to live in the Whitefish area of Montana, you are electing for a more serene and natural way of life. Here, you can find nature in its pure…Read More

  2. Why Buy an Island?

    For some, this question may seem absurd; for others, it is equally absurd the other direction. It seems that private island living is a polarizing topic, with some feeling it is the pinnacle of dreams and others furrowing their brow, actually wondering why someone would want an island. We’d like to tell you that the motivation for buying an island, in the Whitefish area or anywhere, has a perfec…Read More