Considering vacation homes is a challenge. Picking a particular house is a challenge, and that can only be done after you settle on a town, which inevitably has to follow a region, and, before any of these, a climate. Buying a family home is far easier, as most often the location is largely decided by factors like proximity to your family’s work or schools. Vacation homes carry little-to-none of those issues, and are free to be anywhere, making the decision of where as important as just about anything you decide upon. While we may have a slight bias, we’d encourage anyone to consider Whitefish, Montana for their vacation home; here’s why:

dreamstime_xxl_47335900Winter in Our Mountain Town

Anyone that has ever spent a winter vacation in a mountain town can attest to the magic of the experience, and Whitefish is among the best for those looking to enjoy incredible winter sports in a quaint, non-commercial community. Whitefish boasts a close-knit, exclusive feel that is deliberately cultivated to keep the soul of our town alive. With some of the best skiing available anywhere located right here and Glacial National Park only 25 miles away, you certainly won’t run out of things to do, regardless of how long you visit each winter.

The Warmer Months

After the thick snow melts and the ski crowds go back home to plan for their return trip next year, the community and surrounding area of Whitefish continue to provide vacation home owners with reasons to come back. Glacial National Park, while majestic in the winter, is perhaps even more so in the warmer months. Vacationers enjoy the large amount of hiking trails, watersport options, and world-class fishing available throughout the year, making spring, summer, and fall vacations uniquely interesting for the family.

Mixing It Up

Many Whitefish vacation home owners make regular skiing visits alongside intermittent trips throughout the year, as the distinct seasons offer completely new activities, views, and opportunities to enjoy the majesty this Montana community has to offer. If you decide to take advantage of the opportunities to rent out your vacation home, you’ll enjoy the multi-seasonal demand for rentals that Whitefish provides. With some of the extra income you’ll enjoy from our booming rental market, you can help to offset the costs of your family’s own Whitefish vacations for years to come.

Live Your Montana Dream Here

Whether you’ve dreamed of a Montana home your entire life or have only just discovered the majesty of this part of the country, it is certainly worth looking into Whitefish. If you’re looking for a multi-seasonal vacation home, an amazing mountain town with world-class skiing, or even just a chance for rental income to offset some of the costs associated with family vacations, then Whitefish is the place for you! Get started with your Montana dream by contacting our realtors or checking out our listings online today.